Why I am “Considering Jane Austen”

This blog is dedicated to an independent study of some of Jane Austen’s most famous works and will become a depository of research, responses, and revelations about Austen and her Georgian/Regency world.  While I don’t expect to become a “Janeite,”  I do expect to develop an appreciation and respect for the works of a woman who had such an impact on modern literature.   Her ability to move people is something that fascinates me, and even as a devoted student of Charles Dickens, I must admit, I am looking forward to the absence of child abuse, mental illness, suffering, and misery that so often accompany Dickens’ great novels. So I guess there’s nothing left to do but…


One response to “Why I am “Considering Jane Austen”

  1. HILARIOUS. I, too, love Dickens but I am not missing the horror. We didn’t read The Old Curiosity Shop in your Dickens’ class or Oliver Twist, but the bad guys in those novels utterly crush me as a reader–very hard to get through those books the abuse is so everywhere and vile. Jane is a delight despite the difficulties everyone goes through. Truly no madness or starvation on the horizon (except for maybe the Price household–they are a little hungry and might be a bit mad). Love the “Keep Calm…”

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